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My grandmother would be horrified.  Well, maybe not horrified, but if she were still alive, she would be astonished and overwhelmed with the possibilities that the interwebs offers us.  She would also be horrified – but not exactly surprised – at my choice of fiction genres.  Grandma always knew I liked to write, but I am not sure she would be as thrilled with reading my tales of the insatiable undead.  However, today marks a first time occurrence for me.  I am going to try and write a piece of coherent flash horror fiction 1-2 lines at a time via Twitter.  Being a writer that likes continuity and flow, I can already sense some of the challenges that this approach offers.  However, I thrill at the possibility of writing something so organic and non-traditional.  I’ll throw out a couple of lines at a time on Twitter, and if you would like to reply with suggestions for next lines, a title, or plot developments, we’ll make it happen and co-create a horrifying flash fiction tale together.  The first few lines are already up – swing on by and join me in the dance!