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It’s Flash Fiction Friday, and to wind down a long week, I’d like to share Waiting for Sunrise, a flash fiction offering of 55 words.  This bit of micro fiction was written in response to a challenge I came across to write a story of 100 words or less on any topic, with one stipulation: no word can be repeated.  If you like writing flash and want to give this challenge a try, I’d love to see your own dark works!  Feel free to share your stories in the comments, or post a link to your blog or other website, and in the meantime, enjoy!

A purplish cast lightened the night sky.  Sunrise was perhaps thirty minutes away, although time had become meaningless centuries ago.  His grave beckoned, promising cool, dark security.  Millennia stretched out endlessly, offering nothing beyond weariness and insatiable hunger.  He glanced once toward home, then settled down beside an ancient, dying elm to await dawn’s arrival. 


It’s Flash Fiction Friday, my favorite day of the week!  To celebrate, I’d like to share Prey, a micro fiction tale of 55 words.  Writing micro fiction can be a real challenge.  I’d be interested in hearing your strategies for writing effective flash fiction of 100 words or less.  For me, it is usually a matter of first telling the tale, and then paring the words down, draft by draft.  Dumping in the high test and shearing off the excess with a Stryker saw…then with a set of dissection tools…then with the #11 blades and a body block.  Enjoy!

He’d lurked in the culvert for hours in the desert heat.  Monitoring traffic.  Waiting. 

Finally, a lone sedan trundled up the road, hugging the center line.

He crawled up the embankment, fixing a look of vulnerable desperation on his face. 

The motorist would stop.

There would be blood.

He licked his lips in hungry anticipation.